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Referrals to the Senior LinkAge Line

Providers and other partner organizations can use the Senior LinkAge Line online referral website to submit a number of referrals.

Preadmission screening

Preadmission screening (PAS) is for anyone planning to be admitted into a nursing facility. It is legally required to measure a person’s need for nursing facility level of care and to connect them with supportive services. Health care providers submit a PAS to the Senior LinkAge Line, which manages PAS in Minnesota. Depending on a person’s results, they could receive an in-person assessment from their county or a call from the Senior LinkAge Line make sure they have what they need.

Support for someone who may need help to remain in or return home

Every person has the right to live where they want. The Senior LinkAge Line provides free help to older adults who may need support remaining in or returning to their home. This is done by working with the person and/or caregiver to understand the person’s needs and preferences, connecting them with services in their community and following-up to support long-term success.

Level of care 90-day redeterminations

Nursing facilities (NF) need to reassess a person’s level of care periodically for the purposes of Medical Assistance (MA) payment. This is primarily done through the use of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) quarterly assessment and resulting Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs) classification. If a resident is on MA, and is classified as a PA1 or PA2 on the first quarterly MDS assessment (90 days after NF admission) or if the resident is applying for MA and is a PA1 or PA2 on the last MDS quarterly assessment prior to MA eligibility start date, they will need to have their NF LOC re-established within three days of receiving that classification. To do so, the nursing facility must submit a NF level of care 90-day redetermination referral. We will then process or triage the referral to a lead agency as appropriate, and provide the documentation to the nursing facility.

MDS Section Q

The nursing facility must submit a referral to the Senior LinkAge Line when they indicate on an MDS Section Q that the resident would like to talk to someone about returning to a community setting and the nursing facility is making a referral to the local contact agency. The Senior LinkAge Line will then follow-up with the person and offer assistance or triage the referral to the lead agency when appropriate.

Please be sure to bookmark the direct URL for the online referral website for easy access:

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