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Providers and Partners

Providers & Partners

The Senior LinkAge Line works with providers and lead agencies across the state to support older Minnesotans. We can help by connecting your clients to local resources, assisting with smooth transitions between facilities/residences, providing Medicare information to your staff and clients, and much more.

The Senior LinkAge Line also works with providers and other partners by:

  • Receiving referrals from hospitals, nursing facilities, clinics, assisted living facilities, hospice and home care to follow-up with people who need help to return or remain safely in their home
  • Referring people to providers to help connect them to services
  • Working with county, managed care and tribal nations to make referrals when a person could benefit from lead agency programs and assistance
  • Partnering with providers and lead agencies to streamline federal and state requirements like preadmission screening and verification codes for moves to nursing and assisted living facilities
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