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Resident and Family Resources

OOLTC is here to provide education on residents' rights, quality care, and more. These resources are intended to help educate, empower, and support self-advocacy.

Residents' Rights

Individuals living in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living facility, have legally protected residents’ rights. The federal Nursing Home Reform Law guarantees the rights of individuals living in nursing homes, while Minnesota statute protects the rights of individuals living in assisted living. Other laws protect individuals living in other long-term care settings and individuals receiving home care. Regional Ombudsmen are available to help educate you on rights, empower you in exercising your rights, and investigate and resolve complaints about rights violations. 

Some resident rights, in abbreviated form, are;

  • Right to a dignified existence
  • Right to self-determination
  • Right to be fully informed
  • Right to raise grievances
  • Rights regarding financial affairs
  • Right to privacy
  • Rights during discharge/transfer

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