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Resident Rights

OOLTC hopes that this presentation will provide an understanding of the resident's right to courteous treatment. Through storytelling, participants will hear how a person's dignity is affected when a person moves into an assisted living.

Understanding Hearing Loss

One in three Minnesotans between the ages 65 and 74 have hearing loss. This number increases  to one in two people among those over age 75. Sixty percent of veterans have hearing loss. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities present communication challenges to residents who have hearing loss. 

This guide addresses some of those challenges and offers effective communication solutions for residents and their care providers.

Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Initiative

The Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Initiative consists of projects that are funded through CMPs. CMPs are fines assessed to nursing facilities that are out of compliance with federal Medicaid regulations. These monies must be used to fund projects that protect or improve the health, welfare or safety of people living in nursing homes. 

Newly developed materials have just been released by the Sexual Abuse Training Project. This training was designed for caregivers and other long-term care facility staff, and is intended to help staff protect the elderly from abuse. The facility materials include two 30-minute training videos, along with a participant guide for facility staff. Also included is a shorter video and discussion guide for resident and family councils. 

Sexual Abuse Training Project

These materials are available for public use and may be shared/utilized without further permission, provided you give credit to the MN CMP Initiative and indicate that “the development of these materials was made possible through the use of CMP Funds.”

Staff Training Materials

Resident and Family Council Training / Awareness Materials

Video Transcripts

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