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What is the One Minnesota Plan?

The One Minnesota Plan is a vision for what our state can be and how we can make this vision a reality. Key components of this plan, which are or will be available on this website, include:

  • Building Blocks - The mission, vision, guiding principles, and priorities that guide our work.
  • Measurable Goals - Desired results Minnesotans across the state have told us are important. These are in development and will be available by July 1, 2023.
  • Agency Strategic Plans - Key strategies being carried out by the state's 24 cabinet agencies (available July 1, 2023)

How are Minnesotans’ priorities reflected in this plan?

The Walz-Flanagan administration has had the pleasure of meeting with thousands of Minnesotans–students, parents, community members, employees, and business owners–across our great state. While every community in Minnesota has its own strengths and faces unique challenges, several priorities are widely shared across the state. This plan aspires to capture the most pressing of these shared priorities.

How will this plan be used?

This plan will guide the work of state government and its many partners. Achieving the ambitious goals set forth in this plan will only be accomplished when we work collaboratively, setting forth a different path that prioritizes actionable solutions that support Minnesotans. At least once a quarter, state agencies will review progress on the measurable goals. In some cases, reviewing the data will reveal that success will be achieved by staying the course. In other cases, it will be clear that course corrections or increased intensity is needed.    

How does this plan relate to the existing plans of individual state agencies? 

By July 2023, each of our state’s cabinet-level agencies will publish a plan that reflects the priorities communicated in this One Minnesota Plan. These agency plans will contain detailed strategies for achieving Minnesotans’ goals.

How can I help the state realize this vision?

Our shared success depends on community, business, and local and tribal government participation. A top-down government approach will not produce the results we need, so we’re going to have robust public participation through external advisory bodies and other means as well. Interested Minnesotans should check out the Secretary of State’s website to apply for councils to help inform our work across state government. The Governor's Public Engagement office will continually work to proactively reach out to community and include voices of Minnesotans in our efforts. State agencies will do the same. Our state has a rich history of public-private collaboration and we wish to build on these relationships to achieve One Minnesota.

Comments or questions about the One Minnesota Plan? Contact us!
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