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Mission Statement 

The mission of the Women Changemakers is to build an inclusive community to discuss and create awareness around issues women face in the workplace, provide tools and resources for women, and help colleagues who work with women be better equipped to support them. The ERG provides professional and personal development opportunities for women employees of the State of Minnesota. The Women Changemakers will also serve as an advocate for women in regard to issues that impact them, at large, as employees. 

Our Purpose and Goals

  • To provide programs, events, activities, and other opportunities for professional and personal development for all State employees. 
  • To foster a climate of diversity and inclusion. 
  • To provide opportunities for open communication between Women ChangeMakers members and participants and the administration, affording women employees to feel safe and empowered to voice opinions and concerns. 
  • To increase participation and membership in the Women Changemakers ERG.


Chairs/Co-Chairs: Colette Johnson 
Champions: Jenna Covey/Zarina Baber
Secretary: Kendall Johnson
Executive Sponsor: Tarek Tomes, Commissioner, MNIT


Outreach Chairs: Axelina Swenson & Courtney Horbach
Accountability Chairs: Marie Kennedy & Holly Stojan
Leadership Chairs: Colette Johnson & Cathy Russell

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