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Black History Month

February 2023- Noon to 1:30pm Monday-Friday

Hosted by the Equity & Justice Black Caucus

Bring your lunch, family members, and more. No sessions will be recorded. Agenda is subject to change. Please have your cameras off if you are not speaking. When you speak or ask questions and it is not in the chat, turn your video on if you feel comfortable.   

There may be disturbing/explicit images and language.   

Disclaimer – EJBC does not own the rights to any of these videos, also some of the content may have strong language and disturbing photos. 

The views expressed by guest speakers do not reflect the State of Minnesota or any Agencies in the State of Minnesota. They are their own personal views and beliefs. 


Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

There will be no event on February 21- President's Day Holiday

Week Five

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