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Join an ERG

Coordinated and supported by MMB, an Enterprise ERG is a collective of employees who meet routinely (e.g., a minimum of four times per year) to support and learn from each other. Enterprise ERGs provide an opportunity for different identity groups to come together and connect about workplace issues. Enterprise ERGs exist to achieve the following business purposes:

  • Provide a sense of community for employees through meetings and events
  • Encourage cross-agency relationship building and collaboration for a supportive work environment through meetings, trainings, and events
  • Offer employees an opportunity to feel heard and valued through conversations, discussions, and other activities
  • Contribute to creating a sense of belonging by creating a cohesive network of employees working towards the broader goal of an inclusive workplace

Participating in an Employee Resource Group

Questions that respond to situations regarding time, pay, approval, exempt/non-exempt employees, and participation.
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