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Connect 700

The State of Minnesota aspires to be a leader in employing individuals with disabilities. For some individuals with disabilities, traditional interviewing, assessment, selection, and testing methods may not accurately measure their skills and abilities to perform the required job responsibilities. Connect 700 provides another path to a state job for people with certain disabilities.

What is Connect 700?

Connect 700 allows eligible individuals with disabilities the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to perform a specific position for up to 700 hours on the job. It is:

  • A pre-probationary trial work program 
  • A non-competitive selection process for individuals with certain disabilities seeking employment in the classified service of state government
Connect 700 Program Overview
January 18, 2018 Length: 3:44 Direct Link
Connect 700 Program Overview

Who is eligible?

Individuals who:

  • Meet the minimum qualifications for the job
  • Have a disability that makes them unable to demonstrate their skills and abilities in the standard competitive selection (e.g. interview) process, as described in law
  • Have a Proof of Eligibility Certificate

What’s the process?

If you are eligible, then:

  • Complete and submit the Application for Eligibility form.
  • We will review your Application for Eligibility form. If approved we will send you a Proof of Eligibility Certificate (the certificate is good for up to four years). 
  • Go to the State of Minnesota Career website and apply for jobs in which you meet minimum qualifications.
  • Once you apply for a position, you then have to contact the individual listed in the job announcement (prior to the position closing) and let them know you have a proof of eligibility certificate for Connect 700 and you are interested in the position. 
  • If you meet minimum qualifications you will meet with the hiring manager to discuss job requirements and your skills.
  • If selected, you will be given an on-the-job trial work experience of up to 700 hours to demonstrate you can perform the job satisfactorily.



Career Help Line: 651-259-3637

Or contact the hiring manager listed on the job posting. Current state employees can also speak with their Human Resources staff.


Application for Eligibility form

General applicant help

Minnesota Statutes, section 43A.15, subdivision 14

Minnesota Administrative Rule 3900.5200

Executive Order 14-04 - Providing for Increased State Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

Executive Order 13-01 and Olmstead Plan and Subcabinet information

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