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Becoming a member

Law Enforcement Membership
Who is eligible? Products​
Any member of a state, local, tribal or federal law enforcement agency who is authorized to access law enforcement sensitive information.​
  • The Minnesota Fusion Center provides law enforcement agencies with products comprised of information collected from federal, state and local agencies. This provides agencies with a method of inter-agency information sharing.
  • Along with weekly products the Minnesota Fusion Center provides law enforcement with situational awareness reports about ongoing incidents that could impact their operations.

Partners Membership
Who is eligible? Products​
  • First responders - Members of state or local fire departments, emergency medical services and rescue squads in either government or private employment are eligible for membership. 
  • Military force protection - Anti-terrorism/force protection officers and those who provide intelligence that directly supports an anti-terrorism/force protection mission can sign up for a Partners membership. Military law enforcement who are authorized to receive Law Enforcement Sensitive information should sign up as a Law Enforcement member, but will still receive Partners products. 
  • Government sector - State, local, or federal government employees. 
  • Private sector - Corporate representatives from businesses identified as fitting with one or more of the Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource sectors as designated by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • The Minnesota Fusion Center provides for Partners a platform for federal and Minnesota state agencies to share information with individuals who are associated with public safety and have an interest in issues pertaining to emergency management and homeland security covering designated critical infrastructure sectors. 
  • The Minnesota Fusion Center also provides Partners with situational awareness updates on incidents that could either directly or indirectly affect their organization in Minnesota.
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