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MNFC LogoThe Minnesota Fusion Center is a section of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). The Minnesota Fusion Center's purpose is to allow participating agencies to share information about suspected criminal activity. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has supported the establishment of centers (called fusion centers) in every state to coordinate the information-sharing functions between federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies, as well as other public safety agencies and the private sector. Fusion centers provide an environment where the stakeholders collaboratively work together gathering information, analyzing data and sharing information to improve the ability to fight crime and terrorism locally, regionally and nationally.
The mission of the Minnesota Fusion Center is to collect, evaluate, analyze and disseminate information regarding organized criminal, terrorist and all-hazards activity in Minnesota, while complying with state and federal law to ensure the rights and privacy of all.
State and regional fusion centers enable local, state, and Tribal governments to gather, process, analyze, and share information and intelligence relating to all crimes and all hazards. Fusion centers communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with each other and with the federal government. These centers:
  • Contribute information to ongoing federal and national-level terrorist risk assessments and complete statewide, regional, or site-specific and topical risk assessments.
  • Disseminate federally generated alerts, warnings, and notifications regarding time-sensitive threats, situational awareness reports, and analytical products.
  • Gather, process, analyze, and disseminate locally generated information, such as Suspicious Activity Reports.
  • Produce or interpret intelligence products relevant to stakeholders.
  • Protect civil liberties and privacy interests of American citizens throughout the intelligence process.
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