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Getting help with groceries is easier than you think.

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Discover how SNAP can stretch your food budget.

Life can change at any moment. An illness, a job loss, or a car breakdown can suddenly make it difficult to make ends meet. SNAP is a bridge to support your family. It helps you buy food at local grocery stores and farmers markets.


To see if you qualify …

Compare the number of people in your household and your household’s total income in this chart to see if you might qualify. Even if you are working, or receiving unemployment or Social Security, you may qualify.

Note: If you currently have an active EBT card, you are already receiving SNAP benefits. Call the Minnesota Food HelpLine for additional food resources: 888-711-1151.

Number of people Monthly income before taxes
1 $2,430
2 $3,287
3 $4,143
4 $5,000
5 $5,857
6 $6,713
7 $7,570
8 $8,427

For each additional family member above 8 add $857.


Apply with help from a SNAP specialist.

Get one-on-one help to make sure your application is completed correctly. Specialists in your community are ready to walk you through the application process.


Apply on your own through MNbenefits.

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About SNAP!

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Like some school meal programs and Social Security, it’s a federal program paid for by tax dollars. SNAP helps families and individuals make sure they get the food they need. SNAP can be used like cash to buy fruits, vegetables, cereal, bread, meat, fish, dairy products and more.


Common questions

Apply with help from a specialistGet application help
Apply on my ownApply for help
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