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Senior Fraud

Make a Report

Phone: 651-539-1600
Greater MN: 1-800-657-3602 

As the state’s consumer protection agency, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is committed to protecting Minnesotans against financial fraud and exploitation.  

Follow these tips and share this advice with family and friends - especially older Minnesotans (age 65+) and vulnerable adults who are at most risk for financial fraud.

MN Commerce Toolkit: Senior Financial Fraud [pdf]

Phone Scams 

  • Common scams include winning a lottery or sweepstakes, bank account compromise, government imposters, free medical devices, grandparent scams and low-risk, high-return investments.
  • Prevention: Verify the number of who is allegedly calling you and don't answer calls you don't recognize!

Internet Scams

  • Romance scams.
  • Fraudulent websites designed to look like official government or shopping websites.
  • Prevention: Call the Commerce Department for tips on how to identify romance scammers or fake shopping sites at 952-237-7571.

Email Scams

  • Phishing emails are fake or spoof emails pretending to be from your bank or organization. The email will ask you to visit the link and enter your account details.
  • Prevention: Look up the official email or phone number. Verify the bank or organization that contacted you.
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