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2022 Evaluation Reports

62J evaluation reports submitted by the Department of Commerce to the Legislature in 2022

  • Evaluation of HF 4899: Would require health plans to cover biomarker tests to diagnose, treat, manage, and monitor illness or disease when the testing is supported by medical evidence.
  • Evaluation of SF 3265: Would prohibit a pharmacy benefit manager or plan from defining clinician-administered drugs as a pharmacy benefit and would allow health plan enrollees to obtain clinician-administered drugs from any authorized health care provider or pharmacy of their choice.
  • Evaluation of SF 990: Would create a formal definition for biosimilar products and would require pharmacy benefit managers or health carriers that cover biological or biosimilar products to also cover therapeutically equivalent products.
  • Evaluation of HF 626: Would require insurance plans to allow people with rare diseases unrestricted access to diagnosis and treatment for their condition by health care providers, including providers who are outside of a plan’s network.
  • Evaluation of HF 3465: Would require all health plans operating in Minnesota that provide maternity coverage to also cover infertility diagnosis and treatment.
  • Evaluation of HF 3592: Would require health plans to limit cost-sharing for drugs and supplies related to chronic diseases.
  • Evaluation of HF 4886: Would require health plans to cover self-measured blood pressure monitoring devices and related services for enrollees with uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Evaluation of HF XXXX POS: Would require pharmacy benefit managers and health insurers to pass rebates and other compensation that they receive from drug manufacturers through to the consumers at the point-of-sale.
  • Evaluation of HF XXXX PRTF: Would require certain health plans to include Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) in their networks.
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