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Sandpiper Pipeline Project Revised Application for Routing Permit

North Dakota Pipeline Company, LLC (NDPC) submitted their Application on November 8th, 2013. On January 31st, 2014 NDPC resubmitted revised portions of the application.

The Complete Updated Application including revised and original documents is posted in the list below. Click on the document you are interested in to view the most up to date PDF file.

A summary of the revisions are included in the document named, “Summary of Updates” found both in the Application for the Routing Permit and the Minnesota Environmental Information Report. All of the maps were updated; however, the most notable changes are in Carlton County.

Application for Routing Permit for a Crude Oil Pipeline

North Dakota Pipeline Company LLC (NDPC)

Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Docket No. PL-6668/PPL-13-474

January 2014 and November 2013 Application Materials


After the listed report section, an "(O)" or "(R)" indicates the version. The original version is marked as “(O)” and refers to the version submitted on November 2013.

The revised version is marked as “(R)” and refers to the version submitted January 2014.

Application for Routing Permit  

Cover Page (R)

Table of Contents (O) 

Summary of Updated (R)

Acronyms (R)

Application Summary (R)

7852.2100 General Information [Statement of Ownership, Background, Brief Description] (R)         

7852.2200 Proposed Pipeline and Associated Facilities Description (R) 

7852.2300 Land Requirements (R)

7852.2400 Project Expansion(O) 

7852.2500 Right-Of-Way Preparation Procedures and Construction Activity Sequence(O)

7852.2600 Preferred Route Location; Environment Description (R)

7852.2700 Environmental Impact of Preferred Route (R)

7852.2800 Right-Of-Way Protection and Restoration Measures(O)

7852.2900 Operation and Maintenance (O)

7852.3000 List of Government Agencies and Permits (R)

7852.3100 Evidence of Consideration of Alternative Routes (R)


Minnesota Environmental Information Report

Cover Page (R)

Table of Contents (R)

Acronyms (O)

1.0 Introduction (R)

2.0 Route Selection and Alternatives Analysis (R)

3.0 Socioeconomics (R)

4.0 Land Use (R)

5.0 Geology (R)

6.0 Soils (R)

7.0 Vegetation, Wildlife and Fisheries (R)

8.0 Groundwater Resources (R)

9.0 Surface Water Resources (R)

10.0 Cultural Resources (R)

11.0 Federal, State and County Recreational Areas (R)

12.0 Air Quality (R)

13.0 References (R)


Appendix A Environmental Protection Plan (O)

Appendix B Roads Crossed by the Sandpiper Pipeline Project Route (R)

Appendix C Draft Agricultural Protection Plan (O)

Appendix D Draft Unanticipated Discoveries Plan (O)

Appendix E Water Bodies Crossed by the Sandpiper Project Route (R)

Appendix F ROW Typicals (Illustrations of Right-Of-Way Requirements) (O)

Appendix G Project Maps (Portions Revised, See Below)

 Appendix G.1 Minnesota Project Overview Map (R)

 Appendix G.2 EPND System Map (O)

 Appendix G.3 Preliminary Clearbrook, Minnesota and Pine River Minnesota Facility Drawings (R)

 Appendix G.4 County Maps (Minnesota) (R)

 Appendix G.5 Aerial and Topographic Route Maps (MN & WI). See below.



County (Mile Post)

  • Mile Post No. & Township  - Map Sheet No.  (Size in Megabytes)

Polk County   (MP 299-330)        

Red Lake County   (MP 330-342)              

Polk County   (MP 342-367)        

Clearwater County   (MP 368-407)          

Hubbard County   (MP 407-459)

Cass County     (MP 460-480)     

Crow Wing County (MP 479-485)            

Cass County   (MP 484-511)       

Aitkin County    (MP 511-560)    

Carlton County (MP 560-598)    

Map of Wisconsin from November 2013 Application