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Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights


Our vision is a state where all Minnesota children and families are inspired to engage with the natural world in ways that support physical activity, mental well-being, creativity, and appreciation for nature. 

Exploring, playing, and experiencing the outdoors in childhood leads to better physical and mental health, improved performance in school, more positive self-image, stronger social skills, and more fulfilling lives. Outdoor engagement fosters opportunities for intergenerational activity and cultural preservation.  We believe that each and every Minnesota child is entitled to experience outdoor recreational activities and discover the natural environment regardless of where they live, learn, or play. The State of Minnesota and our community partners are committed to protecting rights and policies that create the following experiences.


To achieve this vision, our state must promote:
  • Access to inclusive outdoor spaces
  • Shared stewardship of public lands
  • Clean air and water
  • Connections to the outdoors
  • Opportunities for environmental education
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All Minnesota’s children have a right to:

1. Experience Minnesota’s four seasons
2. Explore and play outdoors in a safe, welcoming, and culturally affirming place
3. Splash, play, or swim in rivers, lakes, ponds, and community pools
4. Plant a tree and watch it grow 
5. Start or participate in an urban, community, or personal garden or farm
6. Compost and recycle for a healthy environment
7. Bike, ride, or ski a public trail 
8. Camp under the stars and safely build a campfire
9. Catch and eat a fish
10. Hike, hunt, or forage on public lands
11. Boat or paddle on one of our 11,842 lakes
12. Participate in outdoor sports and recreational activities
13. Create art and attend outdoor concerts, festivals, and community events centered in nature
14. Participate in traditions and culturally specific ancestral practices rooted in nature 
15. Protect and preserve our environment for future generations

*Photos courtesy of Explore Minnesota Toursim

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