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The Board is entirely fee supported and receives no General Fund dollars.  The Board is responsible for collecting sufficient revenue from fees to cover both direct and indirect expenditures, which is deposited as non-dedicated revenue into the State Government Special Revenue Fund (SGSRF).  The Board has not raised its fees since 1999.

Board fees are authorized in 6900.0250 and are as follows:

A. application for licensure, $600;

B. renewal license, $600;

C. late renewal fee, $100;

D. temporary permit, $250;

E. duplicate license or duplicate renewal certificate, $10;

F. reinstatement, $650;

G. exam administration to persons who have not applied for a license or permit, $50;

H. fee for verification of licensure, $30; and

I. miscellaneous fee:

                (1) labels, $25;

                (2) list of licensees, $25; and

                (3) copies, 25 cents per page.


Subp. 2. Requirements. Fees must be paid in United States currency and are not refundable.

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