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Supervision Requirements

  • Accumulation of 4000 professional hours in not less than two years from awarding of requisite graduate degree. For those completing required graduate education after August 1, 2016, licensure process must be completed within 7 years of filing initial application with Board.

  • These 4000 professional hours must include at least 1000 hours of face-to-face clinical client contact and at least 500 of these hours must be with couples, families, or other relational groups. These 1000 hours of clinical client contact shall include the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness and cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders.

  • Psychoeducation and skills-building activities may be considered as clinical client contact when these therapeutic activities are provided within an existing therapeutic relationship providing family therapy as defined in Minn. Stat. 148B.29, Subd.3. 

  • All 200 hours of supervision must be related to the 1000 hours of clinical client contact and at least half of these hours must be individual supervision (not more than 2 supervisees present). Supervision must involve a focus on the supervisee’s clinical work and supervisee must make clinical data directly available to supervisor via written clinical materials, direct observation, audio or video recordings, or other reporting methods. Supervision must be regular and continuous until supervisee is licensed as an LMFT.  

  • Effective May 24, 2022, a candidate for LMFT licensure may obtain all required supervision electronically.  Minn. Stat. 148B.33, subd. 1 a. now states:  The Board must allow an applicant to satisfy the requirement for supervised postgraduate experience in marriage and family therapy with all required hours of supervision provided through real-time, two-way interactive audio and visual communication.  

  • The supervisor for all clinical work logged for purposes of licensure must be a MN LMFT Board-approved supervisor. The supervisee must insure that the supervisor is listed on the MFT Board’s website. If clinical client hours are accrued in another jurisdiction, supervision must be provided by an AAMFT-approved supervisor, or an LMFT authorized to provide supervision for purposes of licensure in that jurisdiction.

  • The other 2800 hours should include everything else you do of a professional nature, such as session preparation, case notes, staff meetings, continuing education, etc. This work may be supervised by any Minnesota mental health professional.
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