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Temporary Military License

Minnesota Statute 148B.33, subdivision 3 authorizes the Board to issue a temporary license to three types of applicants for licensure:

  • (1) An active duty military member;
  • (2) A spouse of an active duty military member; or
  • (3) A veteran who has left service in the two years preceding the date of license application and has confirmation of honorable or general discharge status.

To qualify for temporary licensure, the applicant must provide evidence of:

  • (1) A current valid license, certificate or permit in another state without history of disciplinary action by a regulatory authority in that state; and
  • (2) A current criminal background study without criminal conviction that is determined by the Board to adversely affect the applicant’s ability to become licensed.

If you meet these requirements, please contact the Board at 612-617-2220 to request an Application for Temporary Licensure (LMFT).

Note: A temporary license issued under this law is effective for SIX MONTHS from date of initial issuance. During that six-month period, the applicant must complete the licensure requirements found in Minn. Stat. 148B.33, subdivisions 1 and 2.

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