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Supervision Information

Board-Approved Supervisors: Requirements for becoming an LMFT Board-Approved supervisor are found in Minn.Rule 5300.0160. A Minnesota LMFT seeking approved supervisor status must complete a Board-approved MFT supervision training program. General supervision training, supervision training for other licenses (i.e. Social Work, Psychology), or general supervision CE hours may not be used to meet the training requirement to become a Board-approved LMFT supervisor. If you are uncertain whether a program may be used to meet these supervisor training requirements, contact the Board office.

After completing the required training, an LMFT must submit the Request for Board-Approved Supervisor Status form . There is no fee for filing this form. The LMFT will be notified electronically when the Board grants approved supervisor status and listed as an approved supervisor on the Board's website.

Board supervisors must satisfy the requirements of Minnesota Rule 5300.0170 , including devoting 10% of required continuing education hours to supervision training and skills.

An LMFT engaged in supervision of supervision as part of the AAMFT-approved supervisor credentialing process or as part of an MFT doctoral program requirement may be able to provide supervision to an LMFT licensure applicant when certain requirements are met.  Please review Policy on Supervising LMFT Licensure Candidates by those LMFTs receiving Supervision of Supervision.

Applicants Requiring Supervision: Applicants for licensure must complete post-graduate clinical client contact hours under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor. Board-approved supervisors are individuals who have met the requirements of Minnesota Rule 5300.0160 , applied to the Board for approved supervisor status, and have been granted such status by the Board. All applicants for licensure and LAMFTs must practice under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor until independently licensed as a LMFT. 

An applicant must complete a minimum of 4000 hours of post-graduate supervised experience in the practice of MFT. Post-graduate clinical client contact hours and supervision hours may begin to be logged after the applicant has completed the educational requirements for licensure and the required graduate degree has been awarded. This date is generally determined by the date on which the graduate degree in MFT is listed on the applicant’s graduate school transcript. Logging of post-graduate hours may begin on the day after the MFT graduate degree is awarded.

INDIVIDUALS WHOSE GRADUATE DEGREE WAS AWARDED ON OR AFTER AUGUST 1, 2016 must comply with Minnesota Rule 5300.0155. Rule 5300.0155 requires that an individual must file the initial application with this Board (the Application for National Examination in MFT) within six (6) months of commencing post-graduate supervised experience. The Board will only accept post-graduate hours logged within six months of the date on which this application is received. Hours logged more than six months prior to filing of the Application for National Examination in MFT cannot be counted toward the required 4000 hours of post-graduate supervised experience.

 For more information regarding the 4000 post-graduate hours, review the document Breakdown of Post-Graduate Supervised Experience. All hours of direct client contact must be completed under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor.

ELECTRONIC SUPERVISION:  Effective May 24, 2022, a candidate for LMFT licensure may obtain all required supervision electronically.  Minn. Stat. 148B.33, subd. 1 a. now states:  The Board must allow an applicant to satisfy the requirement for supervised postgraduate experience in marriage and family therapy with all required hours of supervision provided through real-time, two-way interactive audio and visual communication.  

Applicants may use this sample Supervision Log , or may record post-graduate hours in any similar format (spreadsheet, table, etc.) which would allow verification that the applicant has met requirements for LMFT licensure. The Board recommends regular review of an applicant’s log with the Board-approved LMFT supervisor, with the supervisor signing off on logged hours on a regular basis.

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