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Continuing Education

Continuing Education and the COVID-19 Health Emergency:  The Board has not changed the LMFT CE requirements for the 2020-2021 CE reporting period (ending 12/31/2021).  See "Continuing Education requirements / CE Audit" for additional information.
Program Sponsor Application for CE Course Approval

CE Reporting Requirements:
MN LMFTs are subject to continuing education requirements. Minnesota Rule 5300.0320 requires 40 hours of CE every two years (ending December 31 of odd-numbered years) and includes 3 hours in ethics/professional studies education. Board-approved supervisors are required to include 4 hours of supervision CE. Required CE hours are pro-rated based upon month of initial licensure. Continuing education should be a regular, consistent part of every licensed mental health professional’s work. Do not wait until the end of the reporting period to complete these CE hours or to obtain Board approval of a CE program (see below). To better understand CE educational and reporting requirements, please read Minn. Rule 5300.0320 in its entirety. Steps to ensure CE compliance:
(1) Check the program information, Board website, or CE Certificate of Attendance to see if the program sponsor obtained MN Board of MFT Board approval of the course. All MN MFT approved courses are issued a Board approval number. 
(2) If not already approved, submit an LMFT Application for CE Course Approval to the Board. You will receive electronic notification from the Board within 30 days as to approval or denial of your CE application.
(3) Do NOT submit Certificates of Attendance with your application. Retain proof of attendance and submit only if requested by the Board for audit. (The Board does not retain certificates when submitted with an application for CE approval.) 
(4) Retain all CE approval notifications sent electronically to you from the Board. These notifications will include your CE approval number. This approval number is licensee-specific and cannot be used by another licensee attending the same CE program. 
(5) Prior to license renewal, confirm that you have proof of attendance/completion for the required number of CE hours and Board-issued CE approval numbers for all programs. 
*Do NOT seek Board approval for CE hours completed in excess of the number required for license renewal. The Board does not track or retain records of total CE hours completed by a licensee. Save yourself some paperwork! 
*Do NOT submit an LMFT Application for CE Approval for a program already issued a MN Board of MFT approval number.
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