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Board of Marriage & Family Therapy

Board Mission

The mission of the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy is to protect the public through effective licensure and enforcement of the statutes and rules governing the practice of marriage and family therapists to ensure a standard of competent and ethical practice.

Legal Requirements

Because the Board is a state agency, it operates according to laws that are passed by the state legislature. The legal requirements governing the Board can be found in several statutes including the Boards Practice Act, which creates the Board and establishes the requirements that applicants and licensees must meet Minnesota Statutes, Sections 148B.29  -148B.392. In addition, Minnesota Statute Chapter 214 establishes requirements for all occupation regulation boards.

Major Board Functions 

The Board is an agency of the State of Minnesota. Its purpose is to license and regulate marriage and family therapists. The Board ensures that marriage and family therapists meet appropriate standards of licensure, continuing competency and professional behavior. The Board exists to serve the public and the primary goal is public protection.
  • Approve applicants for the national and state licensure examinations
  • Issue and renew licenses
  • Establish, implement, and enforce standards for supervision
  • Review and approve continuing education requested by licensees
  • Review and approve continuing education provider applications

Establish and enforce minimum standards of ethical practice for marriage and family therapists.

  • Receive and investigate complaints against applicants and licensees
  • Take corrective or disciplinary action as deemed necessary to protect the public
  • Monitor licensees who are under disciplinary orders and corrective action agreements

Provide information to applicants and licensees about (a) examination, licensure and renewal requirements, and (b) ethical practice standards.

  • Respond to inquiries from applicants and licensees
  • Disseminate information via presentations to graduate students, educational seminars, and professional conferences

Provide information to the public.

  • Disseminate information to the public on actions taken by the Board
  • Respond to requests for information from the public about the Boards responsibilities, including how to register a complaint and how the complaint process works

Verify licensure status of marriage and family therapists to employers, credentialing agencies, insurance agencies, and the public.

  • Respond to inquiries; maintain online verification database
  • Provide written verification
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