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Renew Your Barbershop Registration

Please note that renewal forms are mailed as a courtesy. All registrations must be renewed annually with or without the form by June 30. 

Each registration type requires a separate online account with a username and password for each. Your barber and barbershop registrations each require separate online accounts.

Renewals may also be completed by mail or in person. 

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Additional Information

  • All barbers are required to work in registered barbershops. It is the barber's responsibility to verify registration. All barbershops and barbers are required to display their registration.

  • Failure to renew on or before June 30 each year will result in additional late renewal fees.

  • Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 154.162 Administrative Penalties: The Board shall impose and collect penalties for missing or lapsed shop registration, or unregistered barbers found upon inspection.

  • Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 154.15 subd. 2: A registered barber who has not renewed a certificate of registration may be reinstated within four years of such failure to renew without examination upon the payment of the required restoration fee for each year the certificate is lapsed.

  • Courtesy barbershop renewal forms are mailed during the month of May.

  • Barbershop registrations expire June 30 each year. The Board attempts to send renewal notices to shops; however, it is the shop owner's responsibility to assure their registration is renewed each year by June 30th.

NOTE: Per Minnesota Statute you must be registered (licensed) to practice barbering in Minnesota. Practicing with an expired or suspended registration is a violation. Being found practicing without a current registration will result in Administrative Penalty Fees:


The board shall impose and collect the following penalties:

(1) missing or lapsed shop registration discovered upon inspection; penalty imposed on shop owner: up to $500;

(2) unlicensed or unregistered barber, first occurrence discovered upon inspection; penalty imposed on shop owner and unlicensed or unregistered individual:up to $500; and

(3) unlicensed or unregistered barber, second occurrence discovered upon inspection; penalty imposed on shop owner and unlicensed or unregistered individual: up to $1,000.

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