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Device Loan

How to Borrow a Device


  • Identify the device you would like to borrow; OR
  • Identify the reason for a loan, such as help with seeing printed text, hearing the TV, or remembering to take medication.


  • Contact STAR or one of the partners listed below.

Types of Loans

Short-Term Loans

Short-term device loans are for 30-days or less and allow consumers to try a device or software program before buying. Short-term device loans may also be used to fill-in for a device that is being repaired or while waiting for delivery of a newly-purchased device.

Device loans give consumers the opportunity to:

  • Try a device in a real life environment
  • Collect data substantiating that the device meets the consumer's needs
  • Use data to justify a funding request
  • Use as a short-term loaner while a personal device is being repaired
  • Understand training and support needs associated with device or software
  • Make an informed purchasing decision

Although there is no charge for a device loan, customers are asked to complete this short survey.

Open-Ended Loans

Open-ended device loans provide previously used equipment to Minnesotans who otherwise would not have access to assistive technology. These are long-term loans, which do not have a set return date and are helpful when the borrower needs a device for more than 30-days. Once the borrower no longer needs the device, it must be returned to the loan program.

For more information or to request a loan, contact STAR or one of our device loan partners listed below.

Check out STAR's New Searchable Device Database!

STAR's Searchable Device Database: search for a device by product type and location.

Curious about STAR's statewide device loan program?

Watch this YouTube video and hear what STAR partners and Advisory Council members have to say about STAR's statewide device loan program and why it is an important service for Minnesotans with disabilities and age-related functional needs.

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