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General Information


  • Complete the Application for Licensure online (preferred) or download a paper form 
  • Total Initial Application fee is $87.00 plus the currently required TPA fee of $50.00 or a total of $137.00.  
  • All fees are non-refundable.   


  • An Application for Therapeutic Drug Certification must be completed until statutory revisions are implemented by the legislature.  This application must be submitted with the initial application for Licensure.  
  • The TPA application fee is $50.00.  Both fees and applications must be received to issue your initial Minnesota license.  As of January 1, 2013 Minnesota is recognized for Level Licensure.  By possessing a Minnesota license you are recognized as being DPA and TPA certified with the highest level of licensure offered in the nation.  
  • As the statute remains, both fees and both applications are required until the language is statutorily deleted.  The proposed new legislation will have the fees combined or $137.00


  • You may either submit the supporting documentation in one packet or piece meal.  As items are received, you will receive an update indicating their acceptance at the board office. 
  • Required supporting documentation will be accepted in the Board office independent of the application. 
  • Official transcripts must be received directly from your school or college of optometry.  Minnesota is considered a primary verification state which requires all items submitted for licensure to be validated.  
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation - one letter is to be from a practicing optometrist in good standing who has personal knowledge of the applicant; they do not need to reside or practice in Minnesota. 


  • It is the applicant's responsibility to request NBEO scores are sent directly to Minnesota as one of their chosen score release states. 
  • All current examinations scores submitted by NBEO, must clearly list successful results of Part I, Basic Science; Part II, Clinical Science; and Part III, Patient Care and TMOD are received in the Board office.
  • NBEO scores are not sent until they receive an official academic transcript indicating completion of the Optometric Doctorate.  Minnesota will not license until official NBEO scores are received.  


  • The state law examination will be based on the Minnesota Statutes and Board Rules for optometry.  
  • Applicants should complete the Minnesota Law Examination online through the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (N.B.E.O.) or through special arrangement can sit for the examination at the office of the Minnesota Board of Optometry by appointment. 
  • This examination must be completed prior to the Board's review of your application. 


  • The Minnesota Board of Optometry has delegated authority for staff to issue an initial license within 48 hours of successful validation of all items required, fees and all supporting documentation in the board office.  
  • For applications that require any variance or waiver of standard operating policies, the entire board must review and approve the application for licensure per their regularly called board meeting schedule. 



Minnesota Board of Optometry
2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 403
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3250
(651) 201-2762    FAX (651) 201-2763

There are several different applications below. 

Application for Reinstatement