Partners in Policymaking

Partners in Policymaking Class 37

Directions, Map, and Parking

Driving Directions

Hotel Map

Hotel Parking/Dropping Off and Meeting Rooms: Enter the hotel parking ramp and follow the signs up to the top floor (roof level). Park in a "Hotel Parking" spot.

You will see an entrance door to the Hotel ("To Parking Ramp" on the Hotel map).

When you come through the double doors, you'll be on the 2nd floor. Go past the pool area (the pool is on the 1st floor but you'll see it from the 2nd floor balcony). Continue until you see the elevators on your right or the staircase on your left.

Take the elevator or stairs down to the 1st floor. The room is called Humphrey (1st Floor).

Regardless of whether you take the elevator or stairs down to the 1st floor, head right around the corner. The Humphrey room will be straight ahead.

If you're coming from the Hotel main entrance on the 1st floor, take a left before the hotel's front desk. You should pass the restaurant on your left and the small coffee cart on your right. Continue down the hall. The Humphreyroom is straight ahead.

A registration desk with a Partners in Policymaking sign will be at the beginning of the hallway you walk down to get to the Humphrey room.


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