Public Service Announcement

ARRM and the National Association of Private Residential Facilities for the Mentally Retarded

Voiceover: I guess in a lot of ways Roger Ferguson is very different from most of us. He was born with serious disabilities both mental and physical. Rog is mentally limited. He is unable to use a spoken word, and he has trouble controlling movements because he has cerebral palsy.

It's been said of Roger that his life has none of the real qualities of human dignity. That he can't really communicate or share his feelings. That he is unable to socialize, learn, play, meet challenges, experience self worth, or enjoy life in ways that other people enjoy it. Now I've heard those things. But to be honest with you, I don't know where they are getting their information? Certainly not from Roger Ferguson, my son, companion and friend.

Voiceover: Where are you getting your information about people with disabilities? A good question. One that deserves an answer from all of us.