The Need for an Action Orientation

Derrick Dufresne has been involved in the development of innovative service models throughout the country for the past few decades. Here he reminds us to take action even when others believe we might not have all the answers.

Derrick Dufresne: We need to be doing something because it's easier to turn a steering wheel in a moving car than it is one at rest.

But the people that are going to tell you about the fact you can't start because the car doesn't have enough gas…the timing chain is going to break soon…this model had a lot of recalls…somebody that drove a car like that had an accident, are going to keep you from starting the car.

And my experience is if you start the car you may have some open seats when you start moving. But inevitably, inevitably, if that car is marching in community, is driving in community, I think what you're going to find down the road is people trying to jump in the windows while the car is moving. Because they think the car is going to stop. They don't understand that it's a moving vehicle.