Willowbrook Exposé

Disease/Living Conditions
100% of patients at Willowbrook contract Hepatitis within six months of being in the institution. Most patients at some time in their lives have parasites. The incidence of pneumonias is greater than any other group of people that I think exist in this country.

Congressman: Who's in charge here, Jerry? Mrs. Nixon? I'm Congressman Biaggi. How are you? Why are these patients unclothed?

Nurse: We don't have enough clothing; we don't have the proper help to keep clothing on them. We have a few nudists that will not keep clothes on — they will pull them off. But, most of all, we don't have the help to keep the kids properly dressed.

Congressman: You're talking about more money for the institution.

Nurse: Well, that we could use because then we will have more help.

Trying to Improve
I would hope that you see continued change, and if you didn't see it, that you'd say so.