Video: Living in the Freedom World: Warren

Personal Stories of Living in the Community by People Who Once Lived in Oklahoma's Institutions (1997)

Warren Edds: When I first moved into Enid, that was at the Enid State School, and the place I didn't know I was going to be. There's things I didn't really like, and I wanted you to know that I didn't know what it was like until I was about four years old. What breaks my heart, 'cause my family put me there, I didn't have no place to go to school in.

I was in the institution, I didn't do anything wrong, they beat me up, and they got me with hot water. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't have freedom like I do now.

I don't like to be called retarded. That shouldn't be used.

Well, the technical day now is freedom. And I'm doing the cable SS productions. They need someone to run their camera and they need some help on the shows. And I go to public meetings and talk about how our rights is, and disability rights.

I got so many friends here in town, you know, some in Tulsa and some in Oklahoma City.

We want freedom. We don't want to go back to the institution. And I love as it is now. I'm proud, I'm living in the freedom world. I'm just as happy as can be. And I feel like that I can achieve much better to live in community than I do what I did in the past.