Ed Roberts: "We've got to be out in the community..."

(Video is open-captioned)

In order to change the old attitudes, we've got to get out into society, we've got to be seen, we've got to be the neighbors, we've got to be the lovers, we've got to be the friends, we've got to be seen in a very natural way.

Disability is a part of life and some of us are going to have it. Some of us are going to have it young and some of us is going to have it older. But whenever it comes, our job, you and I, is to make sure that we know that we don't have to put somebody in an institution.

We can have high expectations of them and their future. And by helping them begin to take control of their own lives, they can go back to work, or go to work, or dream what they want to dream and make their dreams come true, like we all do.