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MN StoryCollective


MN StoryCollective is a way for you to share your experiences, generate ideas for change, and help support the state’s many communities. We care about the wellbeing of all who live here. MN StoryCollective connects the voices of residents with those making decisions. Together, we'll strengthen Minnesota's communities as we strive to create a brighter future for all.

Do you have an experience to tell us about?

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Anyone is eligible to share a story. The purpose of sharing your experience is to provide information that may be used to constructively improve the future of our state.


Every Story Shared Strengthens Minnesota Communities

MNStoryCollective (English)
MNStoryCollective (Hmong)
MNStoryCollective (Somali)
MNStoryCollective (Spanish)

The Voices Behind the Project

This initiative invites individuals and communities to share their stories and what these experiences mean to them. Individuals, families, and groups come together to discuss the needs and ideas they are seeing in stories shared across the state.

You are invited to share a recent experience when you or your family felt strong and thriving, or when you experienced a challenge that made it hard to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Your story will be a part of a collective of stories across the state, and the community will be involved in making meaning out of these stories to move new ideas forward for programs and services that impact the day-to-day lives of Minnesotans. Your ideas are at the core of this initiative and make positive change possible.

Why it Works

MN StoryCollective works by sharing these stories with state leaders, calling attention to the most pressing needs of our communities and issues that need to be solved. The stories will help shape and inform how Minnesota improves programs and services for individuals, families, and groups, such as school programming, child care resources, and others which impact the health and wellbeing of communities.

Through MN StoryCollective, the voices of many Minnesotans will be shared to strengthen programs and services that affect all of us.

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