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About the COVID-19 Response Accountability Office

Monitors COVID related state appropriations and federal funds: The office plays the lead role in monitoring and maintaining an inventory of federal funding sources related to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, including intended/allowable uses, amount of funds that Minnesota is expected to receive, any constraints on the use of those funds, and the associated documentation, reporting, and auditing requirements.  

Maximizes the use of federal funding resources and FEMA reimbursements in collaboration with various federal, state, and local government officials:  While the office plays a different role depending on the funding source, one of its primary functions is to track the spending proposals and their progress through the review process as well as the subsequent decisions that are made on each. 

Coordinates budgeting, accounting, and internal controls activities for COVID related funding:  Once funding has been authorized by MMB, the Governor's office, and the Legislature, the office coordinates with MMB Budget, Accounting, and Internal Controls Divisions as well as state agencies to administer COVID-19 funding.

Establishes and maintains a system of reporting COVID-19-related expenditures and results:  The office's role of ensuring that the state complies with the various reporting requirements is based on the type of funding source. For non-CRF federal funds, agencies are expected to monitor, understand, and meet the documentation and reporting requirements of the funds directly allocated to them. For the CRF, the office plays the lead role in ensuring that the state and its sub-recipients meet documentation and reporting requirements.

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