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Designation Overview

Once you have entered your charitable deduction online using the State of Minnesota Employee Self Service website, you can request your contribution or a portion of your contribution be designated to a specific charity. You can also request an acknowledgement of your contribution from the charitable federation selected in your payroll deduction. 

On each federation's page, you may click on the acknowledgment box to receive an acknowledgement from that charity. Complete steps 1-3 above.

6. Click "Yes" on the acknowledgement request box.

7. Be sure your contact information, including name, phone, and e-mail, are provided in the appropriate fields.
Finalize Process

8. Click on the Submit Key to send your information to the Combined Charities. The information will be sent to the charitable federation(s). For acknowledgements, the Federations will respond within 4-6 weeks of your request.

9. You should receive an email with the information in your request. Hold on to this email for your records. If corrections are needed, you can reply to the email with the corrected information.

10. To designate to another federation, close the confirmation page and the complete list of charitable federations will again be available.

11. Close window when finished.

Designation Instructions with screenshots

If you have questions, check with your coordinator or call the Combined Charities Campaign Hot Line at 651-234-7119.

*Notice about charitable federations:

  • Not all accept designations.
  • Certain federations only accept designations to affiliated organizations.
  • Others will accept designations to any 501(c) nonprofit.
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