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Campaign Coordinator Resources

Thank you for your willingness to coordinate this year's campaign. The success of this campaign depends on the efforts of coordinators located in the various agencies and Minnesota State campuses throughout the state.

If you are not already a Coordinator for your location and would like to learn more about helping with this year’s campaign, please email the Combined Charities Campaign

To get started, please review:

Campaign Materials

Download the following materials to help you promote the Combined Charities Campaign.

Hosting a Virtual Event

Proper organization of a campaign event can make a work of difference in the results. Events are a way for employees to learn about charities, involve people, add fun and keep the campaign message fresh. Although most employees are not working in the office, there are still many ways to hold events online. Access the Virtual Events training to help plan your virtual event. 

Instructions and Guidelines for Cash Donations


Paper Pledge & One Time Gift Form

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