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About the Campaign

The Combined Charities giving campaign for Minnesota state employees begins Oct. 1 and runs throughout the month. Established in statute, this campaign has raised over $21 million for Minnesota charities over the years.

Donations can be made year-round, but the campaign aims to educate employees about the opportunity and convenience of payroll deduction. Signing up for payroll deduction is a convenient way of giving to multiple organizations at once, allows the charities you support to better be able to budget and plan for their next year, and it reduces administrative costs for the charities. Payroll Deduction also gives you an easy place to locate all of your charitable contributions for tax reporting purposes.

State employee donations help support over 1,400 charities representing a wide variety of health, education, environmental, arts and social service programs. There are 36 approved charitable federations* to choose from in the 2017 Campaign that represent hundreds of charities working in communities across Minnesota. Many of these federations allow you to designate your gift to a specific charity or nonprofit group.

*Participating charitable federations are assessed each year by Minnesota Management and Budget and must meet stringent statutory guidelines for accountability.  If you are interested in participating as a charitable federation, see if you meet the requirements to participate.
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