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Disability Minnesota has gathered together hundreds of links to pages on State websites related to disabilities and aging. Use the top navigation bar to select a retrieval tool:

  • Disability Topics provides browsable topic categories for drilling down to the desired topic area.
  • A-Z Index is an alphabetical listing of all topics.
  • State Agencies displays all pages on the website from a specific agency, board, council, or division.
  • Search allows full-text searching of the topics, titles, and link descriptions.
Communication Center, State Services for the Blind The Communication Center, part of State Services for the Blind, provides blind, visually impaired, learning disabled and physically disabled individuals with access to print materials to meet their educational, vocational, self-sufficiency and recreational needs. Last Modified: 1/1/0001 Size: 0 Author: Categories: Blind State Services, Tags: Learning disabilities, Assistive technology, Accessibility, Blind and low vision, Deafblind,
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