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The Department of Commerce Energy Environmental Review and Analysis (EERA) staff is tasked with conducting environmental review on Certificate of Need applications for large energy facilities that come before the Commission. The intent of the environmental review process is to inform the public, the applicant, and decision-makers about potential impacts and possible mitigations measures for the proposed project.


ER Text and Tables

Figure 1. GNTL Study Area Map

Figure 2. GNTL Study Corridors Map

Figure 3. GNTL Preliminary Route Alternatives

Figure 4. Ecological Subsections

Figure 5. Vegetation and Landcover

Figure 6. Dominant Soil Orders

Figure 7. Topography

Figure 8. County, State, and National Forest Lands

Figure 9. Wildlife Management Areas

Figure 10. Aggregate and Iron Mining

Figure 11. Existing Transportation Infrastructure

Figure 12. Public Water Course and Basins

Figure 13. FEMA Floodplains

Figure 14. National Wetland Inventory

Appendix A Scoping Decision