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Fergus Falls Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Docket

Docket No GP-16-685
Project Name Fergus Falls Pipeline Replacement Project
Applicant Great Plains Natural Gas
Description Great Plains seeks a Route Permit to construct an approximately 3- mile long, 8.625-inch-outside-diameter, high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline from its Fergus Falls Town Border Station (TBS) to its Green Plains Ethanol valve site in Otter Tail County
Location Otter Tail County
Contact Larry Hartman
  • Upcoming: Application accepted
  • Upcoming: Public meeting
  • Upcoming: Exemption granted
  • Upcoming: Permit issued
  • Upcoming: Project built
  • Upcoming: Docket closed
eDockets 16-685

Project Summary

The Project will include the installation of approximately 15,940 feet (3.0 miles) of 8.625-inch outside diameter pipeline (0.250 inch wall thickness, X-52) from Great Plains’ Fergus Falls TBS to its Green Plains Ethanol valve site entirely within Otter Tail County. The proposed pipeline will have an operating pressure range of 500 to 720 pounds per square inch gage (psig), with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 720 psig.


The existing pipeline section being replaced will not be abandoned, instead it will remain in use as a distribution pipeline, and continue to provide service to customers along its length. This pipeline section will be cut and capped at the Green Plains Ethanol valve site, and reclassified from transmission pipeline to distribution pipeline and operated at a lower pressure.

Key Project Documents

Date Title Description
10/10/2016 Route Permit Application for the Fergus Falls Pipeline Replacement Project in Otter Tail County. Great Plains Natural Gas Company filed an Application for a Route Permit with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission under the Commission's Partial Exemption Route Selection Procedures
11/01/2016 Comments and Recommendations on the Completeness of the Route Permit Application EERA recommends that the Minnesota Pubic Utilities Commission find the Route Permit Application for the Fergus Falls Pipeline Replacement Project as substantially complete

Project Documents