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This webpage contains information and documents related to the permitting of this project by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Every project before the Commission has an electronic docket (eDocket), a file folder for all of the project's documents.

Documents for this project are listed below in the File Register, most recent documents first. To view the eDockets record for this project, click on the eDockets link below, or click on the eDockets tab in the File Register. A subset of the record, including key documents with descriptions, is available by clicking on the Energy Facilities tab in the File Register.

For more information about participating in the permitting of this project, click on the How to Participate tab, or contact the environmental review manager or public advisor listed below.

Project Docket

Docket No 16-656
Project name Xcel Energy Black Dog Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Applicant Xcel Energy
Description Northern States Power Company (Xcel Energy) is proposing to construct an approximately 11,300 foot long, 16-inch outside-diameter, high pressure (650 psig) natural gas pipeline from the Northern Natural Gas Company Cedar Station in Eagan to Northern States Power Companys Black Dog Generating Plant in Burnsville, Minnesota
Subjects Environmental policy; Pipelines
Location Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
Docket created: August 18, 2016
Contacts: Bill Storm, 651-539-1844, Environmental Review Manager.
Application accepted
Public meeting
Exemption granted
Permit issued
Project built
Docket closed
eDockets 16-656
Mailing list Contact the Public Utilies Commission at or 651-201-2204 or 1-800-657-3782 to sign up.
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