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This webpage contains information and documents related to the permitting of this project by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Every project before the Commission has an electronic docket (eDocket), a file folder for all of the project's documents.

Documents for this project are listed below in the File Register, most recent documents first. To view the eDockets record for this project, click on the eDockets link below, or click on the eDockets tab in the File Register. A subset of the record, including key documents with descriptions, is available by clicking on the Energy Facilities tab in the File Register.

For more information about participating in the permitting of this project, click on the How to Participate tab, or contact the environmental review manager or public advisor listed below.

Project Docket

Docket No IP-6871/WS-11-863
Project name Community Wind South, LLC
Applicant Community Wind South, LLC
Description CWS application for a site permit for a 30 MW LWECS in Nobles County, south of Wilmont
Subjects Environmental policy; Wind power
Location Nobles County; Nobles County -- Summit Lake Township; Larkin Township
Docket created: October 20, 2011
Contacts: Larry Hartman, 651-539-1839, Environmental Review Manager.
Application accepted
Draft permit issued
Public meeting
Permit issued
Project built
Docket closed
Public meeting
eDockets 11-863
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Project Summary

File Register
Energy Facilities eDockets
06/08/12 PUC Order Issuing Site Permit to CWS Wind Farm, LLC | document details
Commission Order Issuing Site Permit to CWS Wind Farm, LLC for the 30.75 LWECS in Nobles County
06/08/12 Site Permit for Community Wind South Project | document details
Public Utilties Commission issued Site Permit for Community Wind South 30.75 MW LWECS in Nobles County
03/20/12 Comments on Draft Site Permit from Public Information Meeting (March 5, 2012) | document details
Summary of Public Information Meeting held on March 5, 2012, in Reading, Minn., for the 30.75 MW Community Wind South Project in Nobles County
02/08/12 Commission order issuing Draft Site Permit for the 30.75 MW Community Wind South Project in Nobles County | document details
The Commission has made a preliminary determination that a site permit should be issued and has released a Draft Site Permit for public comment
01/26/12 DOC EFP Staff Comments and Recommendations on Draft Site Permit Issuance | document details
Staff recommends issuance of a draft site permit for the Community Wind South wind farm. Includes staff comments and the proposed draft site permit.
11/17/11 Commission Order Accepting Community Wind South, LLC Site Permit Application | document details
Commission Order Accepting the Large Wind Energy Conversion System site permit application as complete for the 30.75- megawatt Community Wind South, LLC Wind Farm in Nobles County
11/17/11 Notice of Application Acceptance and Comment Period | document details
The Public Utilities Commission accepted the site permit application for the Community Wind South, a 30.75 MW LWECS south of Wilmont in Nobles County as complete on November 14, 2011. Public comments regarding the application and issues to be included in a draft site permit are accepted through December 30, 2011
11/02/11 DOC EFP comments and recommendations on application acceptance for the Community Wind South, LLC Wind Farm | document details
Comments and recommendations to the Commission recommending accepting the site permit application for the 30.75 MW MW Community Wind South, LLC Project in Nobles County
10/28/11 Site Permit Application
Site permit application for Community Wind South Wind Farm

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