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Barbershop Inspections

When a barbershop is inspected by a Minnesota Barber Board inspector, the owner and/or designated barber will receive a copy of the inspection slip filled out by the inspector. Please note that Barber Board inspectors carry identification from the Barber Board and will never ask the owner and/or designated barber for payment of any kind.

To help prepare for inspection and maintain compliance with Minnesota laws and rules, owners can do self-inspections. The self-inspection guidelines can be found here.

If the Barber Board inspector finds violations in the shop, the inspector will talk with the owner and/or designated barber about the violations and what will need to be done to resolve them. As a result of the inspector's report, the owner or barbers may receive a penalty. 

If you receive an Administrative Penalty letter from the Board:

  • Read through the entire letter carefully. If there is something you do not understand or you have questions, please call the Board office at 651-201-2820.
  • Follow the instructions in the letter. 
  • If you receive a Stipulation and Order with the penalty letter, read this document carefully and completely so that you understand it. If you have questions about it, call the Board office at 651-201-2820.
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