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Becoming a Barber

To become a barber in Minnesota, you will need to attend a Board-approved barber school. 

Minnesota Statute 154.07 Subdivision 1 defines the requirements and course of study: "...No barber school shall be approved by the Board unless it requires, as a prerequisite to admission, ten grades of an approved school or its equivalent, as determined by an examination conducted by the Commissioner of Education, which shall issue a certificate that the student has passed the required examination, and unless it requires, as a prerequisite to graduation, a course of instruction of at least 1,500 hours, of not more than ten hours in any one working day. The course of instruction must include the following subjects: scientific fundamentals for barbering; hygiene; practical study of the hair, skin, muscles, and nerves; structure of the head, face, and neck; elementary chemistry relating to sterilization and antiseptics; diseases of the skin, hair, and glands; massaging and manipulating the muscles of the face and neck; hair cutting; shaving; trimming the beard; bleaching, tinting and dyeing the hair; and the chemical straightening of hair."

If you are a cosmetologist interested in becoming a barber: In Minnesota, there is no credit given between cosmetology and barber training; therefore, a cosmetologist must complete 1500 hours of barber school to become a barber, and a barber must complete 1550 hours of cosmetology school to become a cosmetologist.

There are five public barber schools available in Minnesota and they are located in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

Minnesota School of Barbering

3615 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406
For Information 612-722-1996

Moler Barber School

785 53rd Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432 
For Information 763-710-9093 

Moler Barber School of St. Paul

990 Payne Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55130
For information 651-200-4691 or 

Moler Barber School of Minnesota

4801 Central Avenue, Suite 100, Columbia Heights, MN 55443 
For Information 612-964-1172 

Townsend Barber Institute

694 County Road B West, Roseville, MN 55113
For Information 651-330-9098

Reciprocity: Transferring a barber license/registration from another State or Country

Reciprocity is the process of transferring a barber registration/license between states or countries.  Applications for reciprocity to Minnesota are evaluated on a case by case basis.  The Board will review the education and experience of the applicant as provided in the application to determine eligibility for a Minnesota Barber registration/license. If the applicant's education and experience is determined to be substantially the same as the Minnesota requirements and the applicant has a current registration/license from another state or country that  is in good standing, a registration/license may be issued. If these qualifications are not met, the applicant may be required to obtain additional training and/or take a Minnesota barber examination to become registered/licensed. See below for applications from another state or country requirements.

Applicant from another State requirements

To apply for a barber registration through reciprocity, complete the reciprocity application (click here for application) and submit all required documentation and fees with your application including: 

  • A copy of your current barber license/registration. 
  • Name, location, and contact information for the barber school attended.
  • Transcript detailing the barber education.
  • Contact the regulatory board where you are currently registered, certified, or licensed to request a letter of license verification from them sent directly to the Minnesota Board of Barber Examiners. 

Moving to another State

If you are moving from Minnesota to another state, you should contact the state you are moving to for their requirements. The Board will send verification to the state upon receiving the request and payment of the verification request fee. The letter of verification will be sent directly to the state barber board you request on your form. Print out the verification request form here.    

Currently Minnesota has reciprocity agreements with North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, and Kansas.  

Foreign Country Application requirements

All Foreign Country applicants for barber registration in Minnesota are required to have their foreign credentials verified by a Board-approved credentialing service prior to submitting the Minnesota barber reciprocity application.

The required documents are: 
  • secondary school transcript
  • barber school transcript and certificate
  • barber license 

Foreign credentials must be submitted for verification to one of the Board approved credentialing agencies listed below. 

The Board will receive a report from the credentialing agency for review along with  the reciprocity application you submit directly to the Board. The applicant will be informed of the Board's decision regarding registration and/or examination requirements after all documents are received and reviewed.

Contact one of these agencies for the required verification of your foreign education, training, and license:

AEQUO International    

Web:         Email:  Applications:    Phone:  844-882-3786

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc: International Education Consultants   

Web:                   Email:                       Application:                                     Phone:   305-273-1619

Span Tran: The Evaluation Company                             

Web:   Email:              Application:                 Phone:  646-475-2570

The credentialing agency will submit a report to the Board.  
You will also be required to submit a Minnesota barber reciprocity application to the Minnesota Board of Barber Examiners with the registration fee. Click here for the Minnesota Reciprocity Application
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