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The Minnesota Governor's Residence is supported by these key partners:

The Governor's Residence Council

The Governor's Residence Council (GRC) was created by the Legislature in 1980 to advise state officials on the preservation, renovation, and maintenance of the Minnesota Governor's Residence. It has 19 members: the Commissioner of Administration, the governor's spouse, the executive director of the Arts Board, the director of the Minnesota Historical Society, one member each from the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate, and 13 members appointed by the governor. Amelious Whyte currently serves as chairperson of the Governor's Residence Council.

The council develops restoration plans, approves alterations and solicits contributions for improvements or furnishings for public areas of the building. It meets on a regular basis to review issues that affect the residence.

In 1983, the council commissioned a study which resulted in recommendations to protect the safety of residents and visitors and to preserve the integrity of the buildings and related facilities.

GRC Members

Amelious Whyte (Council Chair)
Public Member
Sue Gens (Council Secretary)
Executive Director, MN State Arts Board
Tamar Gronvall
Commissioner, Dept. of Administration
Vicki Ford
Donor's Family
Ginny Klevorn
MN House of Representatives
Karin Housley
MN Senate
Christine Jones
Director of Exhibits, MN Historical Society
Eric Hansen
American Institute of Architects
Jeffrey Feulner
American Society of Landscape Architects
Amanda Frie
Governor's Designee
Fayneese Miller
Higher Education Representative
Julie Spiering
North American Society of Interior Design
Marilyn Porter
Public Member
Angel Smith
Public Member
Patricia Crego
Public Member
Katie Knutson
Public Member
John Dietrich
Public Member
Elizabeth Young
Public Member
Catherine Nicholson
Public Member

Governor's Residence Council Meeting Information

1006 Summit Avenue Society logo

1006 Summit Avenue Society

The 1006 Summit Avenue Society was created in 1982 as a non-profit fundraising organization to aid in the preservation and refurbishment of the Minnesota Governor's Residence. Since its founding, the Society has raised over $500,000 for household items ranging from china and silver to conference room furnishings and decorative items.

Minnesota Department of Administration

As the state agency that manages and maintains buildings owned by the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Administration serves as the building manager for the Minnesota Governor's Residence. Learn more about the Department of Administration and State of Minnesota buildings at or contact us.

For more information about other partner organizations around the state, including the Minnesota Historical Society, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Office of the Governor and more, check out our Links page.

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