New Excutive Director

Please welcome our new Executive Director, Nathaniel J Reitz. Mr. Reitz was a Minnesota prosecutor before he joined MSGC, and had earlier served as a defense attorney and prosecutor in the U.S. Army. With his distinguished level of professionalism and achievement, Mr. Reitz is a valued addition to both Commission and Staff. Click here for full bio.


New EWS Rolling Out in May

The new Electronic Worksheet System (EWS) has arrived! EWS has been updated to improve data quality and data entry process has been streamlined for our users. New features will alert users to decay periods, mandatory minimums, and much more. New EWS incorporates case information from the Court (MNCIS), so that users no longer have to enter general offender information. The presumptive sentence automatically calculates as well. Read more about new EWS in the special edition of our newsletter, and learn more about regional "Go Live" dates and access to training information in Guidelines Assistance.


2014 MSGC Report to the Legislature Now Available

The report details the work of the Commission during 2013, and provides an overview of felony sentencing practices and trends in Minnesota. The report details modifications to the Guidelines effective August 1, 2013, and the use of firearms in crimes. One of the highlighted topics is an outcome study of drug offenders, performed by MSGC staff, which analyzed sentencing trends and re-conviction rates of first- and second-degree controlled substance offenders. For more information, read the full Report to the Legislature.


Departure Form

When departing from the presumptive sentence, the court must disclose the reasons for departure to MSGC within 15 days after sentencing.

Legislative News

During Legislative session, MSGC produces fiscal notes for multiple bills, which is an integral part of the decision-making process.

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