Commission Commemorates 35 Years of Guidelines

Thirty-five years ago, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to implement sentencing guidelines.  Its members - representatives of key criminal justice stakeholders - were commissioned to promulgate sentencing guidelines, whose goals were to improve uniformity, and reduce disparity; to enhance proportionality and rationality of prison commitment and duration decisions; and to coordinate sentencing policy with limited correctional resources. In the 35 years since then, the Guidelines have served as a model for other states, the federal government, and other nations.


MSGC Staff Receive Awards

Congratulations goes to MSGC staff members Kathleen Madland, Linda McBrayer, and Jill Payne for receiving the Director's Award for Achievement. Ms. Madland received an individual award for redesigning and maintaining the MSGC website. Ms. Madland also led a project to create Recap Reports, which are designed to convey complex sentencing data into an intuitive and easy-to-understand format.  Ms. McBrayer and Ms. Payne received a team award for the development and delivery of the new Electronic Worksheet System, a program that results in more accurate felony sentencing and more efficient use of public resources.

2015 Leg Report

2015 MSGC Report to the Legislature 

The annual 2015 MSGC Report to the Legislature is now available. The report contains two required reports: modifications to the Guidelines, and use of firearms as reported by Minnesota's County Attorneys. The report also highlights topics that may be of interest to the legislature: sentencing and departure trends; a special review of controlled substance departures; and updates on Commission and staff activities.


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Departure Form

When departing from the presumptive sentence, the court must disclose the reasons for departure to MSGC within 15 days after sentencing.

Legislative News

During Legislative session, MSGC produces fiscal notes for multiple bills, which is an integral part of the decision-making process.

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