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What We Do

The Office of Administrative Hearings is Minnesota's centralized administrative court. Within the executive branch since 1976, the agency provides fair and impartial trial-level hearings in disputes related to specialized areas of administrative law.


Beginning January 15, 2016, parties involved in contested case proceedings filed with the Administrative Law Division will be able to electronically file documents with the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Workers' Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Division hears claims involving injured workers and their employers and insurers. Nearly 6,000 cases are filed each year, for which Workers’ Compensation Judges provide settlement conferences, mediations and trials appropriate to the facts of each individual case.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law Judges hear cases that result from challenges made to actions or inactions of state and local government agencies. These Judges also review all proposed regulatory rules to determine if they are necessary and reasonable.


In rulemaking cases, Administrative Law Judges review regulatory rules proposed by state agencies to determine whether they are necessary, reasonable, and comply with state law. The public is encouraged to participate in these proceedings by sharing their opinions about proposed rules.

Municipal Boundary Adjustments

The boundaries of Minnesota's cities and towns are legally adjusted by the Office of Administrative Hearings. Municipal boundary adjustment cases involve annexations, detachments, and consolidations of local governments throughout the state of Minnesota.





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