Video Captioning Essentials: a web-based training course
Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans
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Module 1: Getting Started

Sample screen from the Making Your Case online training

Captioning makes web content fully accessible to everyone. The above screen is a captioned ASL video in an online training course produced by the MCDHH.

"We got a complaint that our videos aren't captioned.”

“Isn't captioning expensive? How can we afford to do it?”

“I heard that you can do it yourself in a few minutes with free software!”

A lot of people are nervous about captioning because it is a relatively unfamiliar niche technology. This course provides you with an understanding of captioning for the web and the range of possibilities, from doing it yourself to hiring a professional service provider.

What You'll Learn

This course will help you to:

  1. Understand captioning: what it is and the case for doing it.
  2. Know the different approaches to captioning and posting a web video.
  3. Distinguish between the requirements for captioning recorded and live web video.
  4. Analyze your captioning needs and the best approach to addressing those needs.

When you've completed this course, you will have a strong foundation for making your web videos accessible, even as the technologies and resources evolve and change!

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