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The 1991 Call to Action by Lucy Gwin

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In 1994, most states offered assistance to families and individuals with developmental disabilities under Medicaid Home-and Community-Based Services waivers. Those waivers, which help keep children and adults with developmental disabilities out of institutions, were available to 157,180 people at an average annual $27,649 taxpayer cost per person served nationwide.

State waiting lists for qualifying families are as long as ten years.

In 1992, 7,538 adults with developmental dis­abilities in some states received supports known as Personal Assistance Services so that they might live in the community. The average cost per person served was $1,753. 14,779 others received Supported Living services in some states at an average annual taxpayer cost per person so served of $7,569. National average annual cost to taxpayers of the most expensive support services for a developmentally disabled person living at home: $27,649*

*This figure includes both people who require 24-hour support and people who require fewer services.