MN Tribal Liaisons

Administration: CURT YOAKUM
MN Department of Administration Tribal Liaison Curt Yoakum
Office: (651) 201-2771

Email Curt Yoakum

ADMIN website

MN Department of Agriculture Tribal Liaison Shannon Kesner
Cell: (218) 382-0173

Email Shannon Kesner

MDA website

Commerce: MARY OTTO
MN Department of Commerce Tribal Liaison Mary Otto
Office: (651) 358-4799

Email Mary Otto

COMM website

Corrections: RANDY GOODWIN
MN Department of Corrections Tribal Liaison Gino Anselmo
Office: (651) 238-4598

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MN Department of Education Tribal Liaison Jane Harstad
Employment and Economic Development: KIRK CROWSHOE
MN Department of Employment and Economic Development Tribal Liaison Kirk Crowshoe
Office: (651) 259-7191

Email Kirk Crowshoe

DEED website

Governor's Office: PATINA PARK

Governor's Office Tribal Liaison Patina Park

MN Depatment of Health Tribal Liaison Jackie Dionne
Office: (651) 201-3521

Email Jackie Dionne

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Higher Education: MEGAN FITZGIBBON
MN Office of Higher Education Tribal Liaison Megan Fitzgibbon
Office: (651) 355-0606

Email Megan FitzGibbon

OHE website

Housing & Finance: COREY STRONG

MN Housing Finance Agency Tribal Liaison Corey Strong
Office: (651) 296-5701

Email Corey Strong

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MN Department of Human Rights Tribal Liaison position Audel Shokohzadeh
Office: (651) 539-1088

Email Audel Shokohzadeh

MDHR website

Human Services: VERN LAPLANTE

MN Department of Human Services Tribal Liaison Vern LaPlante
Office:(651) 431-2910

Email Vern LaPlante

DHS website

Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation: AL BECICKA
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Tribal Liaison Al Becicka
Office: (218) 735-3003

Email Al Becicka

IRRRB website

Labor and Industry: NAHEEDA HIRJI-WALJI
MN Department of Labor and Industry Tribal Liaison Naheeda Hirji-Walji
Office: (651) 284-5531

Email Naheeda Hirji-Walji

DLI website

Management and Budget: DOMINICK WASHINGON
MN Department of Management and Budget Tribal Liaison Dominick Washington
Office: (651) 259-3742

Email Dominick Washington

MMB website

Mediation Services (Bureau of): KARI SEIME
MN Bureau of Mediation Services Tribal Liaison Kari Seime
Office: (651) 649-5447

Email Kari Seime

BMS website

Metropolitan Council: JUDD SCHETNAN
MN Department of Metropolitan Council Tribal Liaison Judd Schetnan
Military Affairs: DON KERR
MN Department of Tribal Liaison Don Kerr
Executive Director, Military Affairs
Office: (651) 259-5024

Email Don Kerr

MN IT Services: Michelle Klatt
MN Department of IT Services Tribal Liaison Michelle Klatt
Office: (651) 201-2619

Email Michelle Klatt

MnIT website

MN Department Natural Resources of Tribal Liaison Bradley Harrington
Cell: (320) 515-0688

Email Bradley Harrington

DNR website

Pollution Control: HELEN WAQUIU
MN Pollution Control Agency Tribal Liaison Shannon Lotthammer
Office: (651) 757-2286

Email Helen Waquiu

MPCA website

Public Safety: NIGEL PERROTE
MN Department of Public Safety Tribal Liaison Nigel Perrote
Office: (651) 201-7333

Email Nigel Perrote

DPS website

Public Utilities: CHARLEY BRUCE
MN Public Utilities Commission of Tribal Liaison Charley Bruce
Office: (651) 201-2251

Email Charley Bruce

PUC website

MN Department of Revenue Tribal Liaison Robert Doty
Office: (651) 556-6213

Email Robert Doty

REV website

Transportation: LEVI BROWN
MN Department of Transportation Tribal Liaison Levi Brown
Office: (651) 236-7048

Email Levi Brown

MnDOT website

Veterans Affairs: JAMES MILLER
MN Department of Veterans Affairs Tribal Liaison James Miller
Office: (218) 209=0110

Email James Miller

MDVA website