Indian Affairs - State of Minnesota

Established in 1963, the Indian Affairs Council is the oldest council in the nation and serves as a liaison of the Indian tribes and the state of Minnesota. The Indian Affairs Council Offices, located in St. Paul and Bemidji, Minnesota, carry out the mission of the Indian Affairs Council, which is "to protect the sovereignty of the eleven Minnesota tribes and ensure the well being of all American Indian citizens throughout the state of Minnesota."

Government to Government Tribal-State Relations Training

This course will explore the relationship between Indian tribes in Minnesota and the state government. It will first provide a brief history of federal Indian policy from colonization through the present day with a focus on tribal-state relations. Second, it will provide the legal backgroud (regulatory, civil and criminal) between tribes and states generally and Minnesota tribes specifically. Third, it will provide a brief history of the eleven Minnesota tribes and Minnesota traties and statutes. Fourth, it will provide and overview of issues in which tribal and state jurisdiction may conflict. Fifth, it will provide new methods for resolving conflucts and the future of tribal-state agreements. (UMD Course Description)

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Know your tribal nations

There are 11 tribal nations in Minnesota and we've got a lot of the information you need to know about them. View our tribal nations page to find more information about them.